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Snow Update – Mon 11/12/17


With over a foot of snow falling yesterday, it will come as no surprise to anyone that the Visitor Centre, Car Park and all trails we will remain closed until such a time as we can offer safe access up the access road and into the car park. We are hoping that we have secured…

Forecasters are right again.


Well, the forecasters were right again, and on cue, the snow has began to fall again this morning, leaving us with no option but for Visitor Centre, Car Park and all trails to remain closed today (Sunday 10th December) and tomorrow. Our aim now is to get in tomorrow and began in the clear-up to…

Snow Update – Sat AM


Following more snow overnight, the visitor centre, car park and all trails will remain closed today (Saturday, 9th December) It is currently snowing quite heavily, and the forecast suggests that this is set to continue for the rest of the morning. The access road has not been treated in any way, and is only passable in…

Forecasters got it right!


Despite our best efforts today, unfortunately, until the snow stops there is simply nothing we can do to open the car park and visitor centre. As quickly as we try and clear the snow away, our efforts are quickly covered again by the white stuff. Im afraid mother nature has won this one. With the…