Snow Update

13th Jan 2017

So, the promised snow has been delivered to Oneplanet Adventure, right on time. However, there is not as much as we had feared, for now. The guys have been out working their magicĀ and we now have the lower car park open.

If you do decide to come up for a ride, please take extra care on the access road, there is still snow and ice on there, although it is passable with care.

Once here, if you are venturing into the forest, please make sure you have the right kit and experience for the conditions, there is more snow as you climb through the forest, and the relatively high winds are bitterly cold. You must make sure you are fully self sufficient, any rescue would be a long time coming in these conditions.

As we continue to clear the rest of car park 1, we keep our fingers crossed for no more snow, however, the is more forecast for this evening. Whilst we will do everything in our powers to be open tomorrow morning, Im afraid we will have to wait and see what snow falls over night and assess the situation first thing in the morning.

We will update the website as soon as possible in the morning to let you know of the situation, but we ask that if we are unable to open that you do not park on the access road or passing places. Doing so only hampers our efforts to open asap and makes access for our neighbours very difficult.