No Snow Today…


The overnight forecast was 50/50 on whether we would wake up to a white blanket over the forest, or not. Im pleased to say it was the latter.

It is still very cold up here, about 1 deg C at the visitor centre, and there is sure to still be some snow and ice about on the trails, but down here at the visitor centre we are pretty much clear of it, bar a few areasĀ in the car park, so please take extra care.

We are not expecting any more snow today, but this is Llandegla, and anything can happen. If the situation changes we will be sure to let you know.

Conditions in the forest remain extremely wintery, so please make sure you have appropriate equipment and experience.

Im afraid we have also had to close Parallel Universe due to more trees down over the trail. We will reassess this situation on Monday and be able to update further then.