Good Progress Made, But Closed Tomorrow.


UPM Tilhill’s team of chainsaw operators have been in the forest all day today and have managed to clear all the trees from the forest roads allowing us full access to the forest again in case of emergencies. To try and make as much progress as possible tomorrow, all trails will remain closed, we will…

Trails will remain closed tomorrow.


  Some routes may not appear to be too bad, however, there are large areas of the forest which remain ‘No-Go’ zones. We have had the electricity company in the forest today repairing downed lines, but as yet the biggest problem is emergency access, or lack of it, to the forest. All forest roads currently…

All Trails Closed!


Due to more high winds overnight, resulting in more trees down over both trails and forest roads we are afraid we have had to take the decision to close all mountain bike and walking trails today. We currently have a team out getting the complete picture on the situation and will reassess our options as…

Little Improvement in Conditions


We have had teams of chainsaw operators in the forest all day, but they really have only managed to scratch the surface of the trees that have fallen over the trails. We now have confirmed trees down on almost all the trails, and with high winds forecast over night, the situation is currently only set…