Everyone think warm thoughts…..


After another morning of snow fall, the sun has come out now and the thaw seems to have begun again. We have cleared the lower part of car park 1, and are now able to get cars in again. The access road still has snow in places, but this is also beginning to thaw. The…

Guess what…….. It’s snowed again.


We’d be lying if we we didn’t say we were getting a bit fed up of this, but unfortunately, due to over night snow we will, again, be closed this morning. We are currently trying to clear the lower part of car park 1, and so long as we manage this as planned, we hope…

Trails still affected by snow.


We are open late tonight as usual, however, despite the continued thaw, there is still a significant amount of snow and ice out on the trails, making some sections pretty much unrideable. If you do decide to ride, please consider carefully the route you choose, allow extra time, and make sure you have the right…

‘Spring Sale’ we hear you shout!!!


Well, I’m afraid we only do ‘Mega Sales’ here at Oneplanet Adventure. So, how about a ‘Spring Mega Sale‘? Well, we can do that. How does 33% off all clothing, parts and accessories, in stock sound? We think it sounds pretty good. Basically, if it’s on the shop floor and its not a bike, then…