It’s cold, but the sun is out.

The thaw was well underway yesterday afternoon with a significant reduction in the amount of snow around the visitor centre. The freeze overnight has halted that currently, but with clear skies and the sun out, we hope that will be back underway very soon and the thaw will continue at a rapid pace today.

Currently there is a still some snow and ice on the access road, so please take extra care on your way to us.

The trails still have a significant amount of snow and ice on them with some drifting in places, the going is definitely tough. All trails are open however. If you do decide to ride, then please make sure you have the right level of kit and experience for the conditions and please allow extra time for the route you choose, there will be no KOM’s set today.

Please also note that the reservoir is partially frozen. Make sure you, or any dogs, do not venture out on the ice, to do so would be incredibly dangerous.

The reservoir is also quite full at the moment, meaning that the overflow channel at the nearside of the reservoir is currently in use. Whilst we realise this can be an inconvenience for those wanting to walk around the reservoir, please do not place objects in the overflow channel to be used as stepping stones. The reservoir overflow is an important safety device and under no circumstances should the overflow be blocked or restricted.

For the weekend, it looks as though the thaw should continue. Whilst we think we will still have some snow and ice out on the trails, this should be reducing all the time as temperatures continue to rise.

Fingers crossed, Spring is now given a chance to get underway and we can finally put this winter behind us.