Dogs Welcome

Oneplanet Adventure love responsible dog owners

We love dogs at Oneplanet Adventure. Inside the building, well behaved dogs are welcome, they must be accompanied by their owner and be on a lead at all times. During exceptionally busy times it may not be a good idea to have a large dog blocking the aisles in between tables in the cafe, so please use your common sense.

Dogs love running free in the forest, this is fine, so long as the dog is under close control at all times! If you are not sure you can control your dog, it should be kept on the lead. It is your responsibility to ensure your dog is under control at all times whilst in the forest.

Many people enjoy riding on the trails with their dogs, again this is fine, so long as it is under close control, and does not interfere with anyone else’s enjoyment of the trails, again, if you are in any doubt, you should not ride on the trails with your dog. It might be a good idea to ride with your dog at a quieter time, maybe mid week, early morning or late afternoon, when fewer riders are around.

Always clean up after your dog and get rid of the mess responsibly β€“β€˜ bag it and bin it’. For more information on walking your dog in the countryside, please take a look at, and abide by, the Dog Walking Code.