Whatever your bike needs, our experienced mechanics can get you back on the trail.

Whether it’s a quick tweak or a full rebuild, our qualified mechanics give quality advice and assistance on any bike.

A bike that’s not working properly can ruin a day out, and we really don’t want that. That’s why our mechanics are on hand to help out where ever they can. If you’ve got a problem with your mountain bike and want someone knowledgeable to have a look at it, someone who can be trusted to give the best advice and make a repair in a timely fashion (sometimes while you wait) then come and see us, we would love to get you back up and running.

Just give us a call (01978 751656) to book an appointment with one of our fully qualified technicians now, or we can even teach you how to do it yourself with a bike maintenance course.

Suspension Servicing

It’s a fact that if you don’t service stuff it wears out quicker. Considering the price of a decent fork these days, you’d have to be foolish to neglect it. Performing a regular, full service on your fork is the ideal scenario, but that’s probably not going to happen considering most people’s hectic lifestyles and limited budgets. Most decent forks use some kind of oil bath in the lower legs to lubricate seals and bushes and this can become dirty quite quickly in UK conditions. By replacing this oil and cleaning out any dirt you can help reduce wear and enhance the fork’s performance. This is where our In-house Fork Lowers Service comes in. We will service the lower legs and replace the dust seals and foam rings of your fork between full services. This focuses on the area of the fork which is often most prone to wear, saving you cash and time. Ignoring the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals might result in increased wear and may void your warranty.

Recommended fork service intervals:

In-House Fork lowers service
RockShox – 50 hours of riding
Fox – 40 hours of riding

Our In-House fork Lowers Service includes:

– Comprehensive pre-service test
– Cleaning of the unit
– Lowers strip down
– Inspection of internal parts
– Replacing dust wiper seals and foam rings
– Re-building with new oil/lubricant
– Re-pressurisation of air forks
– A comprehensive post-service test

Cost – £50

If your fork needs a full service we can send them to the uk
distributors for a full warrantied service.

Recommended rear shock service intervals:

In-House Can Service
RockShox – 50 hours of riding
Fox – 40 hours of riding

An In-House rear can service includes:

– Full strip down, inspection and cleaning of the air canister
– New seal kit fitted
– Shock lubricated
– Re-building of shock
– Re-pressurisation of shock

Cost – £40

Rear shock full service
RockShox – 100 hours of riding
Fox – 125 Hours/Yearly, or whichever comes first.
If your rear shock needs a full service we can send them to the uk
distributors for a full warrantied service.

Frame Bearing Replacement

All full-suspension bikes have pivots that allow the rear wheels to articulate. No matter how many pivots your bike has, it won’t work as it ought to if the bearings are not working as they should due to them being seized. Your rear suspension setup will not be working as well as it should be, so keeping on top of your rear end servicing as well as your rear shock servicing will keep your bike running like the day you bought it.

We only use genuine or Enduro MAX pivot bearings when we replace frame bearings, this is because pivot bearings are exposed to a vast range of dirt, water, sand and other abuses. Enduro MAX type bearings are designed to handle these extreme conditions, they have a 35-40% higher load capacity than the standard retainer type bearings most people sell. They are also packed on both sides with a high impact, water proof grease.

The result for you is a much more active and quick rear suspension. Upgrading your rear suspension with Enduro Bearings MAX bearings will save you time and money, as they will perform well for 2 or 3 times longer than the stock set up. If you are going to spend your hard earned cash on a bearing replacement, you want to use the best Enduro Bearings MAX bearings, period.

Prices for bearing changes are dependant on the type of frame, but start from approximately £40 including all hardware.

Give the workshop a call now to discuss your requirements on 01978 751656 and we will take it from there.


Stage 1 Service

If your bike only receives light use, is fairly new or just needs a slight tweak of the gears and brakes to get it back to it’s best, then a Stage 1 service may be just the ticket.

During this service we will:

Ensure the gears are properly adjusted

Ensure the brakes are properly adjusted

Check the rest of the bike over to ensure it is safe to ride


(Price is for labour only, unless stated parts are not included in Service price)

Stage 2 Service

The stage 2 service is an excellent way to begin or end a season. By checking the whole bike over in detail, any issues can be highlighted, ensuring that the bike is kept in great condition for the season ahead.

During this service we will:

Ensure the gears are properly adjusted

Ensure the brakes are properly adjusted

Check the rest of the bike over to ensure it is safe to ride

Ensure the hubs are adjusted correctly and running smoothly

Check the Headset and adjust if required

Check all components for excessive wear

Ensure the drivetrain is cleaned and lubed


(Price is for labour only, unless stated parts are not included in Service price)

Stage 3 Service

So your bike has served you well and is in need of some TLC. What better way to get it performing at it’s best than a full strip down and rebuild. If you want your bike feeling like new again, this is the option for you.

During this service we will:

Fully disassemble and rebuild your bike

Front & Rear Inner & Outer gear cables are replaced

Front & Rear Brake Bleeds are performed

Front & Rear wheels are checked for trueness and re-tensioned

Headset will be stripped and re-greasedbefore reassembly

Front & rear hubs will be stripped and serviced

Drivetrain will be degreased, cleaned and re-lubed


(Price is for labour only, unless stated parts are not included in Service price)

Common Repairs

Booked in prices:

Hydraulic brake bleed per end

Fit new bottom bracket

Re-cable (gears or brakes) per end

Fit new mech or chain

Fit new headset

Wheel true per end

Service Hub per end

(Price is for labour only, unless stated parts are not included in Service price)

(Please note that on the spot prices may vary from those above)


Tune your suspension…. the right way.

Want to get more from your suspension but are a bit baffled by all the different adjustments that can be made and what effect making them will have?

Do you find yourself constantly fiddling with your settings in pursuit of a sweet feeling set-up?

For example, you may have the sag set-up perfectly for your weight, but still never get near full travel… Shockwiz can help. It could be you just needed to remove or add volume spacers from your shock and fork, or maybe your high/low speed compression needs adjusting.

Take the guesswork out of your suspension set-up and get your bike feeling better than ever.

Single day set-up;
Front or rear only; £35
Front and rear; £50

Alternatively, you can collect more riding data with a week long hire for £100.

Call the workshop on 01978 751656 to book your set-up.