Will you make the pledge with us?

Join us for ’30 days of biking

There is no getting away from the fact that this winter has been pants for riding. Just as we got back into the rhythm of regular rides, it would snow again and another week would go by with no riding again.

Well, here at Oneplanet Adventure, we’ve had enough, so collectively we are going to sign up for the ’30 days of biking’ challenge. 

Essentially it means that we will be pledging to ride our bikes every day throughout April.

To help keep us motivated we will be undertaking most of these rides together, up here on the trails.

So, every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning throughout April, we will be going for a spin around the forest before we start work. 

We figured it would be cool to invite anyone else who fancies making the same pledge to come and join us on all, or just some of our rides. The more the merrier.

So, we will be doing our first of these morning rides on Tuesday 3rd April. It won’t be far, probably just around the Blue trail, and the pace will be ‘social’, the aim is to get us back into riding, not a rigorous training regime, although hopefully we will end the month fitter than we started.

If you do fancy joining us, its a totally informal affair, we won’t be guiding you, so please make sure you are confident riding the blue trail and have all the kit you need to be self sufficient. We will be opening the gate to the car park at 7am and looking to ride from the decking for 7.20am, returning to the visitor centre before 8.30am.

If you have any questions regarding the challenge and getting involved, please feel free to give us a shout on 01978 751656 or email dave@oneplanetadventure.com

So, if like us, you need to kick the winter blues and fancy starting of Spring in style, why not make the pledge and come and join us on our ’30 Days of Biking’.

We will be keeping you all updated on our progress throughout the month through our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, so please do follow us and hopefully we can help inspire and motivate each other together.