Important Safety Information

Whilst out on the trails

While out on the trails, please follow the ‘Mountain Bikers Responsibility Code’

  1. Always carry a mobile phone and make sure it is charged
  2. Avoid riding alone, it’s safer and more fun to ride with your buddies.
  3. Stay in control at all times. It is your responsibility to avoid crashing into other riders and objects around you!
  4. Be respectful and aware of other riders varying skill levels, relax and have fun. Mean People will not be tolerated.
  5. Do not stop where you obstruct the trail or are not easily visible.
  6. When entering a trail or rejoining, give way to other riders coming down the trail.
  7. Respect the trail gradings, read the grading descriptions, start on the easy trails and do not ride trails that are beyond your current level of ability.
  8. If a rider is hurt, do not move them, notify the Visitor Centre staff immediately.
  9. Keep off closed trails and forest areas and obey all signs and warnings.
  10. Stay on marked trails only. Do not cut switchbacks, do not modify trails in any way.
  11. Only ride the trails during forest opening hours.
  12. Do not push or ride against the flow of traffic on trails.
  13. Respect your environment; take your litter home with you!
  14. Keep out of the forest if your ability is impaired through the use of drugs or alcohol.
  15. Be friendly, courteous and respectful to your fellow riders, poor conduct will not be tolerated.
  16. Riders 16 years of age and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian (over 18) at all times.
  17. Please help us maintain the trails. If you see a problem on the trails report it to us.
  18. Know your limits.
  19. Have fun, ride safe!