We are open, but conditions are still pretty grim…

The guys have spent the morning clearing snow. We have only managed to clear the lower part of the main car park. Unfortunately it is extremely slow going as the snow is so wet and heavy. Where we have cleared is thawing very quickly though. We have very limited parking available in the car park, but the visitor centre is open again.

However, conditions remain pretty grim, the snow is extremely wet, its raining and foggy. We have now opened the lower section of car park 1, but our advice would be, if you can put your visit off until tomorrow, thats what we would do. The forecast is for it to warm significantly, and we think the snow should continue to thaw during the rest of today and overnight.

Currently the snow is making the trails pretty unrideable. Again, we believe conditions will be much improved tomorrow.

The access road remains untreated, but is passable with care.