Trails still affected by snow.


We are open late tonight as usual, however, despite the continued thaw, there is still a significant amount of snow and ice out on the trails, making some sections pretty much unrideable. If you do decide to ride, please consider carefully the route you choose, allow extra time, and make sure you have the right…

‘Spring Sale’ we hear you shout!!!


Well, I’m afraid we only do ‘Mega Sales’ here at Oneplanet Adventure. So, how about a ‘Spring Mega Sale‘? Well, we can do that. How does 33% off all clothing, parts and accessories, in stock sound? We think it sounds pretty good. Basically, if it’s on the shop floor and its not a bike, then…

We Are Open!!!!


Last week is now behind us, and temperatures have risen significantly over the last few days, meaning the melt is well and truly under way. We still have plenty of snow and ice around, but the car park and access road are both snow free. The forest still has significant amounts of snow remaining in…

Snow is going, but closed on Monday


Thankfully, it looks like the snow is melting pretty quickly now, and fingers crossed we may be able to get back to some form of normality next week. There is still a risk of freezing overnight, and with no visitor centre staff on site tomorrow (Monday), we will not be opening the gates again until…