Snow is going, but closed on Monday


Thankfully, it looks like the snow is melting pretty quickly now, and fingers crossed we may be able to get back to some form of normality next week. There is still a risk of freezing overnight, and with no visitor centre staff on site tomorrow (Monday), we will not be opening the gates again until…

Better late than never….???


After another morning of snow clearance, and thankfully a slight rise in temperature we have managed to reopen the lower section of car park 1. The access road and car park are now passable with care, but please be aware that there is still plenty of snow and ice up here. Unfortunately, someone has decided…

More snow means closed this morning.


Well, we had hoped that we might get away with it, but unfortunately, more snow this morning means we are back to clearing snow again this morning. The access road from the main A525 is once again covered in snow, as is our car park, leaving us with no choice but to remain closed this…

50/50 on opening tomorrow


Well, we managed to open to a fashion today. The forecast looks fairly undecided as to what is going to happen overnight unfortunately. Depending where you look its either snowing or freezing or both. We will have to wait until the morning to decide whether we will be able to open tomorrow or not. Unfortunately,…