Blockage of reservoir overflow


The recent spell of extremely wet weather and snow mean that the reservoir in the forest is extremely full, and the overflow at the visitor centre end is currently in use. Unfortunately this means that the Green cycling trail and some of the walking routes must cross this water course. Whilst we totally understand that…

Snow & Ice remain, but we are open this weekend


Well, the thaw has continued and the situation up here in the forest has improved further today. The forecast remains favourable for the thaw to continue over the weekend which is great news, and the visitor centre, car park and all trails will be open. Please be aware that we still have considerable areas of…

It’s cold, but the sun is out.


The thaw was well underway yesterday afternoon with a significant reduction in the amount of snow around the visitor centre. The freeze overnight has halted that currently, but with clear skies and the sun out, we hope that will be back underway very soon and the thaw will continue at a rapid pace today. Currently…

Everyone think warm thoughts…..


After another morning of snow fall, the sun has come out now and the thaw seems to have begun again. We have cleared the lower part of car park 1, and are now able to get cars in again. The access road still has snow in places, but this is also beginning to thaw. The…