Mother Nature wins this one.


Despite our best efforts to get on top of the situation, it is clear that currently we are not going to win this one. As quickly as we can clear the car park, the wind is blowing the snow straight back in. It is still snowing pretty heavily at the moment, its blowing a gale,…

Winter’s not over yet.


Well, looks like the ‘Beast from the East II’ has a sting in it’s tail… With more snow overnight, we will again be closed this morning. Im afraid there is no way we can currently open, and with it still snowing quite heavily at the moment and the strong winds causing drifting, it is hard…

Just a dusting overnight, so we are open.


So far the ‘Beast from the East 2’ has delivered only a light dusting of snow, which is not causing any access issues to the visitor centre. We are very pleased to say that we will be open as normal this morning. We are experiencing the odd snow shower, and these are forecast to continue…

Blockage of reservoir overflow


The recent spell of extremely wet weather and snow mean that the reservoir in the forest is extremely full, and the overflow at the visitor centre end is currently in use. Unfortunately this means that the Green cycling trail and some of the walking routes must cross this water course. Whilst we totally understand that…