Sustainable Access on Ruabon Moorland


      To continue to appreciate the scenery, we need to do our bit to protect it. Please stick to the rights of way over the moorland when riding our of the forest. For more information watch the video below or click here.  

We are open, but conditions are still pretty grim…


The guys have spent the morning clearing snow. We have only managed to clear the lower part of the main car park. Unfortunately it is extremely slow going as the snow is so wet and heavy. Where we have cleared is thawing very quickly though. We have very limited parking available in the car park,…

Overnight Snow means we are Closed this morning


The forecasters couldn’t decide, but it was snow that finally fell overnight and with a couple of inches at the visitor centre we have no choice but to remain closed this morning. We are beginning to clear the car park now, but until we know how that is going, I’m afraid we can’t give an…

Will you make the pledge with us?


Join us for ’30 days of biking’ There is no getting away from the fact that this winter has been pants for riding. Just as we got back into the rhythm of regular rides, it would snow again and another week would go by with no riding again. Well, here at Oneplanet Adventure, we’ve had…