From beginner to expert, we'll take your riding to the next level with a mountain bike skills course.

“Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, our mountain bike courses are sure to  take your skills and confidence to the next level”

Our fully-qualified instructors give a friendly and professional coaching experience on a group or 1-2-1 basis.

Video analysis gives you an up close look at your riding to perfect technique and maximise  progression.

If you would like a bespoke 1 to 1 course to look at specific areas of your riding, or would prefer a group situation to learn in, we have a course that will help you improve in the way you feel most comfortable, and our experienced instructors will be sure to move your riding forward at the pace that suits you.

Core Skills

New to mountain biking? Then this course will set you on the right track. Learning the correct techniques from the start and taking out the guesswork from your riding.

Although this course isn’t just for beginners. When you’ve been riding a few years, the thought of taking bike skills back to the basics can feel beneath you. But if you’ve hit a plateau in your riding or you want to take your bike skills to the next level, going back to the beginning is sure to develop your skills.

Revisit vital bike skills in the company of our qualified and vastly experienced coaches to get back to grips with the trail. You’ll discover new ways to approach features, carry more speed and acquire a whole new confidence on your bike. You might even realise you’ve been building your skills on wobbly foundations all this time – so book on now to rebuild those skills!

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Ladies Core Skills

Just starting out or if you’ve reached a plateau in your riding and just can’t seem to get faster or you’re struggling to develop your confidence, look no further than the ladies-only core skills course!

Take it back to basics and develop the essential foundations of mountain biking with our professional female coach Cheri.

Core skills are essential tools for any level of rider and even the most seasoned of mountain bikers often have gaps in their basic skills.

So whether you’re just starting out or you’d like to take your riding to the next level, the ladies core skills course is for you!

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Al Bond's Jumps & Drops



Whether you love or hate the thought of getting some air time on the bike, jumps and drops are always going to be regular trail features.

With over 10 years DH racing experience at an elite level, Al Bond is amongst the top riders in the UK and one of the few to tackle the Redbull Hardline. A qualified and insured instructor, Al will show you the secrets behind his skill and expert technique.

Not only is getting airborne with confidence a brilliant feeling, it’s also an important skill to get you through the trail swiftly and safely. A Jumps and Drops course at Oneplanet Adventure gives you the confidence you need to tackle jumps and drops safely, smoother and maybe add a bit of style, so you can ride the trail with a smile on your face.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned trail shredder, little niggles on jumps and drops can really get in the way of your riding. Take a little time to learn how to tackle these all-important features with our experienced coaches and see just how much your riding improves.

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Private Tuition

For a truly unique coaching experience, the private coaching sessions at Oneplanet Adventure are a must. Using cutting edge techniques, our coaching staff can create a bespoke solution that is tailored to your ongoing progression.

Using on the spot video feedback to maximise your progression, our coaches can pinpoint individual riders strength and weaknesses

If you know what you want to learn, but feel a group learning situation won’t cut it for you, a one-to-one training session with an experienced and qualified coach is guaranteed to produce results you will notice the moment you get out on the trail.

Learn what you want, at the pace you want, and get the results you want! With in-house coaching staff, we can accommodate your availability with hourly, half day or full day sessions, seven days a week.

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REC First Aid

By nature mountain biking can be an unpredictable beast. So when you’re out on the trail wouldn’t it be great to know you could help a fellow rider in trouble?

This two-day course covers the skills and knowledge needed to have the confidence and competence to provide assistance to an injured rider on the trail.

The course is tailored to teach skills that would be required in mountain, rural and forest-area incidents rather than urban situations, making it the perfect first aid course for mountain biking. Every rider should do it!

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MTB Maintenance

This one day course will show you;
Brakes – Pad replacement, adjustment and bleeding.
Gears – Cable replacement, lubrication, mech removal, replacement and positioning.
Transmission – Cassette and freehub removal, bottom bracket removal and replacement, chainring replacement.
Headset – Strip, lube and refit.
Wheels – Trailside wheel truing, spoke tensioning, disc removal and replacement, hub servicing.
Lubrication – All items stripped and replaced throughout the course.
Wear and tear – Managing your bike and extending component life.


Alfred kindly reviewed the course over on our Facebook page……. “I’ve just done the one day maintenance course with Dave and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt so much, as I am a complete novice at anything mechanical and things were explained and demonstrated very well. Simple things like how to put a tyre on properly and how to fit new brake pads as well as fine tuning the gears. I now feel that I can take care of my bike and keep it running at its best. The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly and I was well catered for too. Thank you again and I recommend this course…. Alfred”.

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Family Skills

Why not come and enjoy the thrill of mountain biking as a family. This 3 hour course is a great opportunity to spend quality time in a fun environment, whilst all learning the most valuable skills for trail riding, to not only keep you safe, but to take your mountain biking to the next level, as a family.

Our fully qualified instructor will show you:

How to keep things safe and under control when you’re riding together

How to use your brakes properly and stay in control How to choose the right gear for the trail

How to tackle uphill and downhill slopes with confidence

This is a 3 hour session and can be arranged on a date and time to suit yourself. The course is for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children and costs £150.00.

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To book, please email us –  hello@oneplanetadventure.com and let us know which date would suit you best. A member of our team will get straight back to you to arrange.

Ready to Ride

Lacking confidence to tackle off-road trails? Not feeling in control when the terrain changes? This half day course is aimed at those looking to get their general cycling basics in check before venturing to more MTB specific skills.

We use a progressional syllabus which is delivered in a non-pressured manner by our patient and experienced coach, Cheri Mills.

‘My aim is to help get you confident at riding your bike by looking at the elements required… balance, setting off, slowing down and stopping, body position, turning and generally being more in control of your bike…. I’m looking forward to helping you progress to the trails’….. Cheri.

Ready to ride is also a great lead into our Core Skills courses.

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